60's style cooper restoration

Mini Classics Restoration Checklist

1 - Decide your budget..Your first step is to work out a budget for your Mini.
How much do you really want to spend. You should consider how much you will be using the car, will it be an every day car, weekends, or used on dry days only. If you are considering a concours standard restoration, do you have the time and facilities to keep it that way?

Now would be a good time to decide what is absolutely essential to you, for example, if the car must be Mk I, or must have leather interior.

As you compile you list, it would be a good idea to give an indication of each items priority. With this information we can give a quote which fulfills as many of your needs as possible, while still keeping within your budget.

Restored Mini Moke

2 - Decide which bodyshape you would like...We specialise in the 7 main Mini body shapes

  • Saloon
  • Van
  • Pickup
  • Clubman
  • Clubman Estate
  • Cabriolet
  • Moke

There are, of course, other variants and mini based kit cars but most fall into one of these catagories.

You should decide which body style you would like, also, the approximate age/Mk of the car you would like. If you already own the car to be restored, or know of a suitable one, then simply supply us with these details. If you are looking to purchase a mini for restoration yourself, please see our guide Restoration Project Purchasing Guide.
At this point you should consider you choice of wheels. Choices range from 10", 12" or 13", in alloy or steel, in a variety of widths. Bear in mind certain wheels would require minor bodywork modifications.

You should consider any bodywork accessories you would require. A great deal of Mini fittings are available with a chrome finish, these are generally more expensive than their standard equivalents.

Mini Cooper Interior

3 - Decide on the interior specification for your mini...You should now decide what interior specification you would like, options include:

  • Period interior
  • ½ Leather (Cooper style)
  • ½ Leather (Mini 30 style)
  • ½ Leather (New Cooper style)
  • Full Leather
  • Standard
  • Specific Special Edition Interior (extra time may be needed to locate the required trim)
  • Sports Pack Interior
  • Custom Interior
Finally, consider if you would you like extras such as, walnut, aluminium dash, wood/chrome gearknobs or door accessories.

Mini Pick up Engine Bay

4 - Decide on the engine size and specification...The most common sizes are:

  • 850cc
  • 1000cc
  • 1100cc
  • 1275cc
  • 1293cc
  • 1380cc
  • 1400 turbo

Other tuned engines sizes are available. Some engines are available with a choice of either carbs or fuel injection, you should also decide if you would like the Mini to run on Unleaded fuel. The majority of our engines are supplied in standard form. Performance tuning can be included, please phone for details on this.

How to find Mini Classics

5 - Finally contact Mini Classics for a full itemised quotation...When you have all this information, please contact us for a quotation, or to discuss your options.

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What we offer...

We can offer a full restoration package for your Mini, in addition to repair and servicing. We carry a huge stock of new and used parts for almost all models of Mini from 1959 - 1999. A range of minis are always on sale, or alternatively, if you cannot find what you are searching for, whether this be a car or part, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to find whatever you need.

John Leivers, Mini Classics